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  • Together We Stand
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"We Check Our Phones 110 Times Per Day"

Texting is the Perfect Way to Spread the Love

Brighten Your Day

Words of compliment and praise will be sent out everyday, all in the form of text messages.

Everyone Has A Chance

Text messages are sent out at random times, to random people across the world.


The world is big, and everyone is encouraged and needed to help spread the love.


Mass texting costs a lot, and as much money as possible is needed to continue to work.

Happy Stories


"I first thought that the text message was another scam, but after visiting this site, I realized otherwise. Since then, I've been sending 'bouquets' of my own!"

Kenny Tan

"The text message I received immediately made my day! It was so much better knowing that a random stranger cared for my feelings."

Lorraine Sanders


"I've already been participating in this project, but I never have thought that I would be the receiver of one of these text messages. It warms my heart seeing people still cared for each other."

Paul Tyson

"I donated a few dollars after I got a similar text message. I know it isn't much, but I want to show my full support to you to continue the project. Keep up the good work!"

Jenny Shen


What Can You Do


Help Spread the Love

Volunteers needed! Help send positive text messages to people acround the world! To take matters in your own hands, you'll only need a mobile phone. When sending your text messages, do follow the guidelines, stated below:

  • Use English, as it's considered the universal language.
  • Do mention this website, as an indication to the recipient that the text message is not spam.
  • Kindly ask the recipient to take a look at this website.
  • Most importantly, spread positive thoughts!


This is the simplest way to contribute to this project. No matter how big or small your donation might be, it still counts. What matters is the effort and intention to actually help. Just click or tap the button below to donate. The donated money will be used in the project.


Note: This is not a charity, it's just a personal project. Your donations will not be processed through a charity organization, but it will be used towards the stated objectives.

This is some useless text.

Hello! I'm just here to fill up the empty spaces. No need to be curious. Just move along. No need to stare.

About This Project

I remember reading an article on the web, about how a man sent out words of compliment and praise in the form of emails. What's amazing is that he sent those emails to random people! Complete strangers! And that got me thinking. What if there were a project or motive to do just that? And instead of just being a solo act, everyone could contribute! Thus, The Bouquet Project is born.

Why use the name 'bouquet'? Because just like a bouquet, the text messages sent are meant to give compliment and praise, to award them, to provide hope. The objective of these text messages is to brighten everyone's day, by showing that even a complete stranger that you've never met before would have the incentive to care for you.

So, I hope that everyone one of you would participate in this project. A text message containing the words 'Believe in yourself' would do just fine. Or if you prefer, a small donation would also be great. Spread the love!

Thank you.

About me





I'm a freelance graphic designer. I decided to create this project as a side project while taking some time off designing. I also learned some coding and photography in my spare time.

I'd love it if you won't mind to check out my portfolio here. To view more information about this project, look here.


Why and how it came to be.

Read more here

Questions & Answers

What is The Bouquet Project?

The Bouquet Project is a motive or cause to send out text messages containing praises and compliments. They are and will continue to be sent to random strangers, people that we have never met. My aim is to let everyone to receive at least one of these text messages, so they will know that they are still important to the world.

What can I do to help?

Well, you can help by sending those text messages yourself! All you need is a mobile phone. For full guidelines and details, visit this link. If you do not wish to do so, you can also contribute to the project by donating. The donation amount need not be huge, but of course, a larger amount could defintely help the project a lot. But remember, any amount is still appreciated. I could not thank you enough for your contribution.

How will the donations be used?

Since The Bouquet Project is based on sending text messages to people, the donations will be used to keep sending them. Mass texting costs a lot, and the cost of sending those messages overseas is even higher. Besides, don't forget about the follow-up replies to explain more about the project to the recipient. Only if there is money left, will I keep them.

Can I trust this website?

I am a freelance graphic designer working on this as a side project. I have no staff to help me manage this site. Everything goes through me. No one else will interfere and therefore, the money collected will not be meddled with. So it's a matter of trusting me. And I can assure you, more than three quarters of the money collected will be used for this project. The rest would be used in future projects.

Still have questions, get back to me!